Short Term  Loans

                                                                                           Mobile Loans

Okoa Cash

okoa cash

Tailor-made for urgent financial need.

Salary In Advance

salary inadvance

Mobile loan facility to assist members' financial needs and repay for longer period

Salary Advance 

salary advance

Loan facility designed to support members prior to main salary 


Karibu Loan


Credit facility eligible to all new members

         Other short term loans

Elimu Loan

Credit facility to assist a member pay school fees in various learning institutions 


Sharia Emergency Loan


 Emergency Loan facility tailor-made for muslims.



Pension Advance Loan


Credit facility to support veteran members bridge financial needs during the month. 

Emergency Loan


Credit facility to assist a member meet urgent financial obligations



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Pension Advance Loan
Pension Advance


Development Loan



Elimu Loan  




Personal Loan



 emergency loan

Emergency Loan




Sharia Loan 




Premier Loan



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